need help with my game

okay so I am making a mini simulation for my science fair project… im only 14 and know only the basics and some tidbits of blender.

So im making a simulation of a car which you drive for about 3 minutes. the major thing is i dont know how to 1.( make a steering wheel work with blender) and 2.(figure out how to measure damage in crashes)? would i use python or could it be done with in game blender commands?

thanks for reading :smiley:

  1. joystick sensor, i’d think.
  2. take the groundspeed and multiply that by damage. (have the amount of time since force was released subtracted from the amount of time that force was applied, multiplied by the negative of the local x orientation) i’m pretty sure that would work.

search for “vehicle wrapper” within this forum or within the game engine resource forum.