Need help with my guitar model.

So yesterday I tried making a model of a classical guitar.

I need help modelling this part

And when I add Subdivision Surface to make it smooth this happens

can anyone help me? or would it be better to start over?

man, the topology for subsurfacing is all wrong. You see, to subsurface, don’t use triangles. Only on flat parts of your mesh, if that is absolutely necessary.
Also, if in real life the neck and the body are separated parts (which are glued or whatever), you don’t have to model them as one continuous mesh in blender,unless you want more work. You should read or watch tutorials on hard surface modelling. Car tutorials are good. However, I’d read this if I were you. Read it all and try to recreate the models.
Although it’s for lightwave it can all be done in blender. And you’ll get better understanding of modelling with subsurface on. This should be useful too, as this is a simple object that can get a bit complicated to model

These are some useful videos too, they’re also for lightwave, but if you can relate they’re very useful.

And if you want to learn more about topology per se, read this:

thx! I’ll go read all of them and then see how I can improve my model.

Yeah, SDS is a different work flow. Let us know if you have any questions. I also have a guitar model laying around I can post some images for how I handled some areas if you need it. And yeah it really would be best just to start over.

Good luck.