need help with my house

hi all,
ok so im trying to model a house by following a tutorial that was made for 3d max, the modeling side went really well. However it just doesnt look right, im not sure if its the textures or the lighting, now ive applied noise as a normal map to add some roughness but still no use. (spec is also set to 0)

and this is the image im trying to go for…

any ideas anyone?

Do the resources for the tutorial not include a normal map (or at least a bump map)? It’s very clear that one has been used in making the ‘target’ image.

Best wishes,

The biggest difference I can see is AO (ambient occlusion) seems to be turned off / not setup properly on yours. I could be wrong there. Which version of blender are you using?

erm yeah it does have a few included, ill try learn how to use them…
and im using 2.49

and your roof texture seems to be too small, the one in the picture looks to have bigger shingles

Actually you have most of it right. The difference is small. Texture / color / render is not identical; you are using spot light, but target model has diffused light. Also proportion is not quite the same; model you are trying to emulate has larger roof, door is larger, and cornerstones on the house is out of scale. When you see all that together, your model looks off, just lots of little things.

the shingle texture seems a bit faded out, how about adjusting the contrast and saturation a bit. or another way, add another texture layer of the same image, and in the map to buttons, set it to multiply, then just turn down the ‘col’ value a bit. Also, it looks like the image texture for the shingles could function as its own normals map ( maybe ).