Need help with my ocean..

I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this or not. If its not then MOD feel free to move it…:RocknRoll:

Okay for a film I am working on I need an ocean. I need to be able to control it so I can make it calm and then turn it into a BIG storm. I found these 2 tutorials about oceans…

I followed the first link and was able to get the movement to look really realistic but I couldn’t get the color/texture to look like the tutorial even though I WAS using the same settings… I’m not sure its because of the version differences or what. I did the tut from start to finish 3 times and each time I got the same results…

The second link I wanted to try but when I get to step 2 about adding the lattice I don’t know how to do that. I selected my mesh and then hit add modifier but that didn’t seem to work. How do I add a lattice??

ANY help or input would be awesome… Also are these the best/easiest tutorials??

Andrew :ba:

EDIT: Okay I found this thread about an Ocean simulation patch…
I can’t figure out how to install it though. I went on here and downloed the CSV but what do I do with it?? I have never install a patch so I need some help please… Thanks