Need help with my racing shoot-em up

Ok, what started as following a simple tutorial turned into an involved game project. I began with this Vehicle Wrapping tutorial here: Then, I used his split view ports tutorial to make it 2 player, and now, I want to add guns to the cars so they can drive around shooting until one is killed. Ok, now I need alot of help as you can see, because I am fairly new to this whole thing.

  1. I need a whole general overview on setting up the cars so they can shoot, and setting it up so they can be killed after being hit enough.

  2. This is a ‘side idea’ but along with displaying a ‘Player _ wins!’ sign when one blows up, I need help creating the actual explosion effect withing the game engine

  3. I also need big help on adding in sound for idling, racing, crashing, shooting, exploding, etc…

Sorry for the long post, you can try the game as I have included it in the attachments. The car model, ramp, and playing field were originally created by the creator of the car tutorial, not myself.


VehicleFinished_249_Edit.2P.blend (823 KB) - that can help with the special effects

I do similar things in my free time, but mostly space-styled, as I find it easier. Look here
If you download the file at the top of that page it has a gun example, but the drivings different. Heres a description:

Simple enough, empties with the edit object -> add object actuator, select the projectile (type it’s name) and make sure the bullets in a different layer. Then wire a keyboard actuator to it. You can add a property sensor and actuators to add ammo restraints, just ask for detail if you want it.
You can also use rays, but I don’t do that, as I like visible bullets.

give the bullet a property called bullet, and make it an actor.
then on the chassis of the car add an int property with 100 as the default setting, call it health.
then set up these logic bricks:

collision (property set to bullet) Bullet hits you
AND AND controller
Property (prop is health) -> add -> -1 minus one from health

Property -> equal to -> 0 If health is 0
Scene -> add overlay scene ->Player 1 death
this goes to scene called player one death. For player 2, use a different scene.
On those scenes have your ‘player 1 wins’ message

The simple, not very good way is to use a sphere with an expanding Ipo, and when the player dies, it appears and get’s bigger. This looks cheesy, even if it’s transparent.
The other way to do it is to have a spinning empty that emits objects (preferably fire-like) on destruction. Look up ‘fire’ in the game engine to find out how.


  1. find the sound, make sure it’s in wav format
  2. go to the sound window (F10, and then the icon with the blue squiggle)
  3. load sound, use the load sound button
  4. implement the sounds:
    Under the logic bricks again link a sound actuator to the required activity (shoot key, death etc) and fond the sound. under the sound actuator there are volume controls, if it loops, stops etc.

Hope you got some of that. I’ll check here every day or so for the next while, so if you don’t understand anything, just ask. I’ll try to help

Thanks both of you! That helped a ton!