need help with my rpg game

im making an rpg game and i dont no at all how to make experence bar and inventory and how to make a sword swing ect i need an example thnx

Welcome to BlenderArtists. I would suggest you look at Blendenzo’s site: Do a search here, there is definitely tutorial about experience points. Good luck!

thnx for blendenzo but i cant find any tutorials on exp bars and sword attacks ect

Exp bars require some python, or they are very complicated to do using the logic bricks. I’ll see what I can whip up.

This should help you out. Good Luck Once again.

Hello. Please type correctly. You will get more respect that way.


Also, RPGs are complex, I would start with the “Multi-Level Maze Game in Blender” tutorial (just google it). Then build from that. It will teach you about Armatures (needed for “sword swings”) and many other highly useful features of the GE. That’s were I began.

And remeber: LOWPOLY!!! I missed that one starting out…

i got armatures and that but i dont know were to find tutorials on sword swing and death scenes