Need help with networking for a small LAN party.

Hello Blender Community,

I hope you are all doing great. A while back I attempted to get two of my computers networked for rendering in Luxrender. Sadly though, the my father’s old router I was going to use was crippled by time. I never got that network working.

One of my closest friends is moving away in about two weeks. We and two other friends were playing modern warfare 3 together, and my mind drifted back to the idea of having a LAN party. Sadly though, I’m completely new to networking, so I’m asking around to see if any of you can help.

I need just 4 computers connected together with Ethernet cables. I’m trying to avoid wireless routers at the moment. Since this will be local and I do not need to use internet, should I just go for a hub?

I hope that makes since.

A switch would be better they actually assist. Hubs are more of a physical connection like a null modem. It might require some configuring in the operating systems. Maybe someone else can give a better answer I’m still kind of a network noob myself.

router or a switch would do, i would recommend doing some research though.
Basically though the switch filters by M.A.C. addresses while the router filters by I.P. addresses.

I bought an 8-port 1gbps switch a few days ago and it is working so far. The only problem is that my computer (windows 7) interprets it as a public network. The only way I have found out to change it to a home network is to do so in “homegroup.” Although whenever I unplug it from my computer and plug it back up. My computer will recognize it as a public network again. Also other computers will do the same. Of course, I can still use it as a public network, yet it’s just troublesome going back and forth an changing the properties for public networks. You know of any way where the computer will recognize the switch as a home network?

Keep in mind that “public” is also an access term. It may help to off the automatic network detection when you’re done configuring. It should save the connection.