Need help with Nevolution project.

Nevolution is a game about the evolution of a player’s organism through time. starting as a worm-like creature, the game begins underwater, then, as you gain new traits through evolution, you can go to land, and even return to the sea if you wanted to, or just stay under water, it’s your choice. I skipped the cell stage, just to make things a little more fun, as people would probally rather simulate the evolution of multicellular animals, possibilities are endless there. The enviroment will change over time, so be ready to adapt or migrate, otherwise you may not make it to the next age. Will you be a ravenous predator, or a peaceful herbivore? An Aerial Terror, or an Aboreal being? the decision is yours…
Nevolution… Evolve, Survive, Repeat! How will you evolve?

What I need are:
3d modelers- for parts, plants, terrain, etc.
programmers who are willing to take the challenge (as I am only starting to teach myself some programming).
People who are knowledgeable on the topic of evolution, biology, and all other related fields.
Artists- for concept art, Backgrounds for title screen, etc.
Musicians- for the game’s music sound track, sound effects, etc.

We need to start with the Aquatic stage first, since that is where life orginates from, then we make a test creature for our testing of the game, from aquatic stage to Terrestrial stage and back and forth, so we can rule out bugs from there.
I dont have anything to offer other than shared credit, and thanks for any help given to make the dream a reality.
We also need to make a creature editor, so we can give players something to get get an idea of whats going to be in the full game.

So, when we have members for the project, we shall start the agenda.

  1. planning stage
  2. Programming stage
  3. testing
  4. De-bugging stage
  5. re- testing
  6. repeat, until at least most of the problems are ironed out.

When we start the testing the Alpha version, we shall use a creature for the testing phase. I would personaly call it “Alpha” after the name given to test versions of a game, but if you have a better name, i would love to hear it.

I would personally want to see the Aquatic stage done at least by the end of this year, but if it needs to take longer, members can always tell me, as game creation is an art, not a science, and art takes time to form.

Any help would be great.

Concept art will be comming soon