Need help with new Add Modifier Feature in Version 2.4

I’m a “Nooby” trying to deform mesh with bones. I followed the tutorial in wiki books below:

The tutorial says that you can add modifier and select armature and the bones that you created will deform the mesh. You don’t have to even create any vertex groups. I was not able to find any more tutorials on this new feature so I was wondering if anybody knew possibly with I am doing wrong. Again, I’m a “Nooby”.

Also, is there a specific forum for Nooby’s?

If you decide not to use vertex groups then you must rely on envelopes to control your mesh. So…

Select your mesh and give it an armature modifier ; enter the name of the Armature in the “Ob:” field (Blender has auto-completion just enter the first letters and hit TAB). Then under uncheck Vert Groups of course and leave Envelopes checked. To be able to see envelopes (only in edit and pose modes though) select the armature, go in Edit mode, choose the Envelope display type in the Edit buttons, pannel Armature, button group Display Options, button ‘Envelope’ (yes, singular).
Leave alone the buttons Vertex Groups and Envelopes, they don’t concern you (you didn’t parent your Mesh to the Armature did you ?), they’re there for backward compatibility.
You’ll probably have to tweak the Envelopes :

  • if you select the whole bone, ALT+S is your shortcut.
  • if you select just the root or the tip then use SKEY
    Anything else ? … Yes, I guess, lots and lots.

Look : the new features have been discussed here to death in the last 3 months or so. Use the search function of the forum. It works with “” and boleans AND and OR and NOT. Good luck.


Thanks for the tips. I was trying to put the name of the bone instead of the armature. As soon as I put the name of the armature, it worked like a charm. It’s good for quick animations or testing at least.

Sorry for the late response. I was traveling back home from the holidays.