Need help with node editor crash

Hello i been hobby 3d modeler for good few years and been using many different Blender versions but i seem to have issue with more later versions. Blender 2.78 and unofficial Blender 2.79 keep crashing at random times when im in cycles node editor and adjusting color ramps. Blender blender2.75a does not seem to have that issue so im pretty much stuck with that now if i want to make complex materials. I also have viewport render enabled with very low sample rate and cropped render section. The crash is very random from few second to 20 minutes and it does not seem to pop up with error just closes the program. I hope someone can suggest solution or point me in the direction to finding solution to this as i have lost lots of work and motivation to this crash.

Sounds like a bug. I’m just a fellow user myself, so I couldn’t tell you much else either. But I can relate to having had it crash to desktop at times, so I know how frustrating that can be if you didn’t save between doing a lot of work. Should probably look-up how to run in debug mode so you can catch the output when it crashes, and then post a bug-report.