Need help with NUKE tutorial

i am making an animation for school and i want to end it with a nuke in the background and hopefully a shock wave that will blow some debris toward the camera. I tried searching for a tutorial on making a nuke (mushroom cloud) but i could not find anything. If anyone knows how to do this please help, and thank you in advance.

I personally don’t know… and I’ve tried the same thing but its not working… all I can say is experiment you’ll figure something out

Well, I guess you could create the alpha image and put it on a plane in the background.

Then use an ipo to make the cloud grow bigger, in the background, and then add the smaller images for the debree coming from the center.

Then, use another ipo on the cloud to make it invisible.

Use some ipos to send them towards the camera.

So basically, fake it.

Subdevide a plane. Turn on subsurf to a reasonable level. Then use shape keys to make the cloud rise from the ground.

you might be able to do it with boids ( the new particles )