Need help with Nurbs + Curve modifier

When I use Curve modifier on my Nurbs object (a decor for theatre scene), I can align it so it bends a little. But after clicking Aplly it screws up. Both objects are in attachment blend file. Maybe you can help me out?


scene12.blend (360 KB)

Did I explain my self bad or is there no solution to this :smiley: ?

It’s a bit puzzling i must say. But maybe it is linked to the problem i noticed there :

I tried to make the curve 3D, so it’s not filled and then remove the extrusion of it and finally converted it to a Mesh

Used a curve modifier to follow the curve

Applied the curve modifier, then in Edit Mode did a ALT+F to fill the object .
And :
Looks like it has puzzled Blender that linked vertices very badly there, i noticed the faces were made parallel to the X axis.
So i tried something else and went back to the stage in which i applied the modifier, and rotated the model in Object Mode, and CTRL+A to apply the location/rotation

Then in Edit Mode i pressed ALT+F and this time, the faces were created in a better way, as while parallel to X axis , this time it was perpendicular to the larger sides of the model.

But getting lot of problem relating to the shading.

Thanks for the info :slight_smile: … Any advice how to make this happen staring from zerro? Maybe not using nurbs, orsmth?

Seems Like blender Nurbs object is not suppsed to work with curve modifier. I tried simplier forms, it’a all fine until I press APLLY. Then it does whatever it wants :smiley: