NEed help with .obj files

Well, i have a .obj im trying to import, the ZIP file has the OBJ the mtl and alot of .png files for textures, however when i import the OBJ i get no textures at all. Not sure what else i need to post, but please tell me.

Well im not sure quite what you mean by file structure, but heres whats in my OBJ’s beginning, its too long to post the whole thing,

dumped via libbadRDP

mtllib material.mtl

usemtl material_1
usemtl material_1

And my MTl IS named material.mtl

Oh, and it might be important to note, i don’t have a texture map, just the MTL, and i can’t get one, these files are a dump from an N64 program, and, i noticed in blender, i can see the textures, but they dont appear on the model, even in textured mode,

Post a link to the obj file and your blend file

thats everything :slight_smile:

Imported the obj. For every material the texture / influence for Colour had to be enabled.

Put the blend file in the same folder as the textures and it should load them


model.blend (544 KB)

Well, my retard level just went up by 5

So, let me get this right, put the BLEND file in the same place as the textures, and enable color on each material to get it to work?

Alright, how did you get that to work, i put that model.blend file into the same folder as the textures, loaded it, checked to make sure color was enabled on ALL materials, and well, all textured appear black\white:

Ok, i tried that, but i still cant get any results, can you give me a step by step of what you did?

Are you in textured view mode, with the shading set to GLSL and have sufficient lamps in your scene to illuminate the textures (try a Sun lamp)