Need help with Object Constrain

Hi! Help, please!
I’m trying to make trajectory of movement of the Object by the Path with Object Constrain - Follow Path. But when I mark Follow Curve, the Object has strange deform. I don’t understand why. May be somebody know what’s wrong?
Link with problem here:

Constraints should only affect object properties, they are not supposed to deform meshes. The cube seems to get skewed. Do you have any modifiers on the cube? That may be the issue. If not, this should be a bug.

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If you select the ‘Object’ then shift select the ‘Curve’ CTRL+P > Follow Path. That makes the object a ‘Child of’ the ‘Curve’ (path) - anything parented to that curve will just follow that path with out deformation. There is no Follow Curve option for parenting, you must of set it to Curve Deform, that WILL deform the object.

I think you may need to apply scale on your objects. It looks like the cube is acquiring some skew from non-uniform scale + rotation it acquires from the constraint. (Assuming there isn’t more stuff going on than just what you’re showing.)

How to make object follow path you can watch this video;