Need help with object!

Im new with blender, but getting started good but now i have problem i tryed to search and looking around net, but i desiced to ask you. okey here we go, im modeling an old musket, but when i modeled the part below the trigger, there came circle next to it, cant see it on edit mode but i can see on object mode so i cant delete only it and now i have 3 object that are combined so i cant move only one of them in object mode plz try to understand my bad english and i thank you alot!


Go to edit mode where you see the circle. Select one vertex of it and press L. That should select all vertices of circle. Delete them, or move.
If i understand correctly, circle is added while in edit mode and belongs to that object.

there is the problem, i cant see it on edit mode, its not touching enything else but its there when you have object mode, and i got other question, is there a way to add verticle points?

My misreading…
Can you see circle listed in Outliner window? Things can be deleted there too.
In edit mode, Ctrl-Right click adds vertex. If one vertex is selected before, edge between these is added too.

no i cant, there is cube and plane, in cube is my handle, and in plane is one really think plate, my “metal” below trigger and the circle, theyr like 1 obect but they dont touch each other

Could you click on + sign in Outliner where it says Modifiers for that object and paste bigger part of outliner picture?. I believe that is bezier circle in modifiers, what’s visible.

it doesent change enything if i take modifiers unvisible… and is there way to make that entire object to couple of different objects? thx

Select all vertices in edit mode and P / separate loose parts