Need help with off road racing game.

Well some people might know by now that im working on a off-road rc simulator. And well now i need help… BAD! Im the only one working on this so the progress is very slow. If any one wants to help out with this game in any way please, please! let me know. Here is a link to show you what i got done and what i can do on my own.

are the cars supposed to be the size of “penny racers”? looks cool, exept for the rims on the car…how much do u have on animation and controls, that type of thing?

I could probably help out. Not with physics or simulation stuff but for the basics maybe.

modeling, textureing?

I’d be up for some modelling :smiley: Texturing might work too.

Do you want an example or something?

of your skills or something for the game? lol any thing will do just lay it on me… or in other words upload it lol.

Check yo PM’s

if you want, you can use some code from my bullet contest game. It has menu, checkpoint system , scoring, jump scoring, 2 player possibility. no AI.
It is very simple to edit tracks in the game, since they get assembled of instances of parts. so there are 5 tracks ant the game has only 2 mb. If you want, you can mod the game, just change models, scale, tracks.

this is the wiki

and the file:

all right ill check into these. thanks

cool. looking much better than my attempt. the car blew up and fell through the track alot.

lol. i need some one that can do py scripts and logic bricks… or at least help me get the py scripts that i got work in the game.