Need Help With Online FPS

Hey guys, i recently downloaded an online multiplayer script working and was wondering how to make an fps out of this. I want:

An easier gui to connect to a server (instead of having to type it in the python window)
A way to make it send the mouselook script to other clients,
I want it so the red player is using one camera, and the blue player is using another camera, hence FIRST person shooter.
and of course, how to make it send the bullet that is being shot out of the player, to collide with other players and end the game for that player.
Any help would be appreciated.

2.48 and 2.49 only
Multiplayer.blend (144 KB)

Press F1 to start server and F2 on another computer to start the client.

Can Anyone Help???

In terms of the camera, I’m not an expert on python, but I’d put all the individual information (like camera stuff) on a client script, and all the stuff you want to be shared (like player positions) on the server script.

Also, for the bullet, depending on how technical you want to get, add a bullet in a new layer, then use logic bricks to say ‘When shoot, add bullet with a motion of x’.

Please don’t ask me to write a script, the most I’ve ever done with it is mouselook and stuff like that.

I know how to use the bullet logic bricks, but I dont know if the bullet will be transfered between the client and the server. Also do you know how to make more than one client? Or how to make an easier GUI so u dont have to type in the IP of the server in the python window? Thank you for your help

For the bullet, when you fire, the client sends a message to the server which in turn sends a message to all the clients saying ‘A bullet’s been fired, it’s there’.

Also, search around for python typing scripts and add on a bit that saves what you’ve put. Then you put that as a property, the python script uses that in place of having to type it in and voilla.

How do you do the bullet thing? I tried setting up the shooting the bullet like you would in a single player game. It shoots fine on either one, but not on both of them. Any ideas?

  1. Don’t use objecst, use Rays.
    2)using the dynamic setup i WILL provide at the weekend, (its the component, but ill annotate a blend to help you use it) you send the effects of the shot, not the actual shot itself
  2. more coming…

I trust that you will have the component ready, I was just checking if anyone could help me with this because idk if they will make a patched blender for mac and I plan to do most of my work on a Mac, so I was just checking.

Does anyone have any idea on how to make each player have a different camera?