Need help with Opne GL Mist

I modified an OpenGL animated, noise based cloud script by Martinsh to become mist. I did not modify the script, I just applied the material to a plane, made it a halo, and modified the properties to look misty. It wants to look great. I can’t fix the margins - sharp edges on the ground and walls etc. Also when you turn a corner, it looks like a square. Ideally i’d like to have a generated cloud pattern mask the edges to 100% transparent.

Have a look. I had to simplify the scene and really abuse the textures to get it to upload here, but you’ll get the idea. Scene also contains in - game AO, DOF, etc. So please don’t scream. Har. Looking for Skyrim style mist, and I’m CLOSE. Martinsh did a beautiful job.

Properties are EXTREMELY sensitive as you play with them, but no amount of adjusting makes the edges transparent.

WASD, camera look. Walk is a bit fast. Your forgiveness, please.

Any thoughts?


Mist-Need-Help.blend (867 KB)

It’s going to be a BUMPy road.

Surprising that I can’t find help. Is this impossible?

I think you should post this question in the game engine section of the forum…
It may be possible that the people that could answer you, just don’t come so often to this section (dedicated to OSL and not to GLSL).

Thanks. Will do.