Need help with parenting to linked group object


I’m trying to create stock table model with drawer. Table with drawer are in group “Table”, drawer is child of armature and then table. I have animated drawer armature to pull in-out, so it can look more interactive.

I have attached test case with test blend and table model in separate file. In test.blend you can see linked group “Table” with table, drawer and armature. In play mode drawer is constantly pulling in and out to check if parenting works.

Now there are also a red test cube, which I tried to parent to armature so it would… animate together… right…?

But after parenting that cube to armature it becomes deformed and in game mode it disappears!

So… what would be “Blender” way of creating such stock item with possibility to attach other item (key, tool or whatever) inside it with synced animation in final level design? (195 KB)

Open test.blend, select TestCube and make it’s parent Table01Drewer. TestCube should deform and go invisible in game mode…

UPDATE: Here is screen capture of this behaviour:

i hope this is what you tried to do: (142 KB)

the red cube moves with the drawer. i added the cube to the table group and parented it to the drawer object. then just reload the file where it is linked to, as the group reloads all attached objects automatically.

No, I believe it’s not what I want. I need to have single table, without originally attached key or any item. I need possibility to link table in different and multiple levels and attach different items individually. In one level - is key, in another - it’s map and so on, but having only one and separate table.blend. O maybe I want too much?

I have solved “deformed child” problem by applying Scane & Rotation for linked parent.

But parented object still disappears in game mode. I wonder, is this lack of feature or a bug?

Added Youtube video of this behaviour in first post. PLEASE help, it’s show stopper for me :frowning: .

why don’t you just add the object to the group? is it important for your purpose to parent it to an object which is in a group instance?

i can not see this in the video, is the table and drawer a group instance, and the actual objects are on an inactive layer? in that case the cube object is parentet to the drawer object, which is on the inactive layer, and thus is also moved to that layer at game engine start. the group instance does not really “contain” objects, they are just instances. you would have to add the cube to the object in order for it to be instanced, too.

ask if you did not get what i mean (i will try to explain more in detail) but i am pretty sure that this is the reason.

TestCube is not in the group and not inside table.blend because I don’t want to have TableWithKey and TableWithMap and all other variants. Now I have Table and in final level I want to add some kind prop inside TableDrawer.

Table and Drawer are linked as single group “Table”. Everything is inside the same first layer.

Maybe there is better way to have this kind of modularity I want?

sorry, but

how you to add a object group which is not in the same blend?? and not there other scene?
ie , in test.blend

how can the Empty “Table” (which is the instantiator) to see and to spawn the table if Table is in another blend?
(all without press P and without script)

there some tutorial for make this “trick”? to add a object from another blend without script?

anyway fr3shdumbl3dore is right , the red cube not have any reference

imagine to spawn 20 table , on what of this 20 the red cube have to be children?
i think which him try to be children of the table in the other blend.

so the only solution is parent the cube in the same blend where is the table

You can assign any object to the “drawer” with the LinkLib. See part II of the tutorials.

I suggest to bone parent an empty to the drawer.
Then you can dynamically parent whatever object you want to the drawer with the method described in Part II.

Carefully look at step 3 starting at 2:12. But I suggest to follow all video for a better understanding.

I checked your table: you do not need an armature for a drawer open/close animation. You can play an object animation. The object you wish to place inside the drawer can be directly parented to the drawer in that case.

Armature are preferable on deformed meshes or dependent multi-object animations.

As the animation is symmetrical, you can use the flipper mode of the ActionActuator.

thanks Monster, how many thing not know of Blender :smiley: :wink:

Thank you. It’s pity that this kind of workflow is not possible by default. I’m quite tired of these kind of “papercuts” in BGE , but I guess I’ll try your solution.

Again, thank you for the link and tips.

The problem was and still is that the groups are not implemented regarding the BGE. The BGE support is just a “lucky” side-effect for us. Unfortunately it is really a very basic support.