Need Help With Perspective

Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips/tricks/advice or know of any good tutorials for scaling and placing objects in a scene to establish proper perspective when compositing a green screen element.

This is obviously in the rough stages of modeling, but I want to make sure the landmarks are in the correct place before I get too deep into it.


See how the sidewalk sort of slides away from her as she walks? Any ideas?

If this is the wrong thread for a post like this I apologize.

Thanks! Awesome how they used Google Maps to check their tracking points, and while watching that I think I may simply have a scale problem. I’ll play with it and let you guys know if I fix it.

It seems to be looking better after scaling the tracking points. I also had to scale all the objects, which now has all the ratios thrown off, but I’m working to tweak it and I think it will look good. As of right now the actor stays on the sidewalk instead of sliding away, and that was the goal.

Just figured I’d update in case anyone else runs into this problem: check your tracking mark scaling.