Need help with physics/logic bricks

Ok i dont really know for sure how to do the physics and logic bricks. Well im creating a Remote Control car simulator and i have created a buggy. but i dont know how to do the rest lol. well what i want is the front wheels to rotate like car/rc car and if possible spin when the car is moving. I really need the buggy to move like a real one would. mostly like a car in other words. Im the only one working on this game so i turn to you for help lol. If any one is intrested in helping please let me know asap. oh yeah if any one helps me. i will give credit for what you done. thanks

ps you might need the link lol.

if you stop saying lol, I will help you out. You seem to be very promising.

(Help you tomorrow. Right now: Arrested Development.)

If you take sometime and go through the stickies you will find a wealth of information to aid you in doing the logic bricks for a car.

I did it and found a few in the first 30secs.

Have you tried modifying the Car demo by Erwin for Bullet, that should have all you need for a car.

yah i think i said lol to much sorry i laugh alot dont know why. well, about the car demo made by erwin, well i dont really know, i have a few .blends with py scripts and logic bricks. but when i try to import it on to my game it doesnt work out right.

oh yeah i just now realized, i cant use the force and torque. dunno why. if i do use it, it doesnt do noting like the demos does.

What’s wrong with just taking the demo and working with that instead of trying to transfer it to a new .blend file. That would be the easiest way. If you just started your game you could transfer all your objects using append over to the demo and save it under a different name.

Also, if you want to control like the moving and turning of the car, tweak with the number values in the python scripts.

ok ill try that thanks for that tip.