Need help with planet atmosphere.

Hi, i’m new to Blender. I’m having trouble making a glow effect on planet atmosphere. I know there are many tutorials making planet. Enrico Valenza’s tutorial is a good one, but I really don’t understand his way of making the effect. (maybe because my poor english, or need more detail explanation) Is there any other way of achieving the halo effect of the atmosphere? Are there any other tutorials on this? Thank You , and sorry for my dumb question. I know I’m not the first one asking this.

I don’t know if this is the right place for this thread. Sorry if not.

4 ways comes to mind:

  1. fake it with photoshop/gimp/ basically render your scene without any atm, then paint it on later with a 2d program.
  2. fake it in blender with a ramp shader on a sphere.
  3. duplicate what you have done in number 2 and create multiple shells with different transparency. this will give some volume/glow to the atm.
  4. use halo. this approach is the ‘best’ in my opinion but you need a very dense mesh to generate the halo.

Thanks for your help mpan3.