Need help with polygon hair maps

I tried to apply everyone’s advise and I think it is much better but I’ve been staring at it for many hours now. I’m starting to second guess myself so, here it is for fresh eyes to critique.
I used the KajiyaKay Specular shader with low intensity(0.1) and hardness(8) to try to get spread out hi-lights.
If you think I need to push anything, change anything, just say so.
All opinions are worth consideration.

I think it looks super so far! Wouldn’t change a thing.* Please publish your Material/texture?

*Well, I’d probably try some other stuff, but definitely save this one as the the one that sets the bar.

Please let me know what you would try. I did see one spot where the hair flow was still not quite right over her ear I will try to fix.
This is the brushes I used to paint the maps. I personally think this was a major factor in making it look like hair.

I used a hi-res photo I found on GOOGLE Images to extract brown hair tones so I could get natural variations.
Here are the maps and setup. I made them in Photoshop and there are (5) layers. Each is a different color and they are all about 80% opaque. I have an Intuos that I used to draw the hair. I found it was easier to get it to flow nice if I zoomed out so my strokes were shorter.

Here is the latest hair. I toned down the normal height from (0.4). It was making some odd bumps I didn’t like.

the model and hairs look very good, i dont think you need to change it anymore. I suggest adding a hair band, just above the ears , since the hairs are too thick to be holded by her ears :slight_smile:

Really great !
Tp be honest i had no problem with the version you called “bad hair”, as i found it very good, but i must say that your rework is superb.
Thanks for sharing the material settings, will help me when i’ll try to build hair for my usually bald modelled characters :slight_smile:

@ tfrank: I didn’t have anything specific in mind when I said I’d try “other stuff,” that was more an expression of my constant need to tinker. If I was on a deadline, yours would definitely be the solution! I also say “Thanks for your recipe!”

PS. Looking again at the full-size beauty shots, I see that now that the hair looks superb, it kind of makes the eyebrows look under-finished, too much like just painted on. Maybe consider a little love in that detail also?

I totally agree about the eyebrows. I have only painted them on in the skins makeup map. I’ll see if I can make some modeled brows next. I’m thinking I may need a little different approach than the hair so they don’t look to solid. I’m thinking maybe painting some hairs into the makeup map I already have and then a mesh with UV mapped hairs on a transparent background. Kind of like the eyelashes are done. Is this a normal approach or is there a better way?

Unless you want them thick-looking, I don’t think modeling is needed. Painting on your “makeup” map sounds like a good approach, just with more attention to making them look more natural – more like hair, a more natural shape. Your painting of the head hair shows you can do this well, and you could probably use some of the same shader methods for them as in the “wig,” like bump/normal mapping, the specular settings, etc. An alpha layer of strands might be overkill, more than is needed to “sell” the look. For something like a mustache where the hair stands off from the face, or old wizard’s shaggy brows, yeah, but maybe too much for this character.

Well I tried two methods of giving her eyebrows.
I think I like the ones painted on the makeup map best but I’m interested in others opinions.
The shapes are a little different as well.
Tell me what you think or if you would try some other changes.

makeup map meshed

beautiful work tfrank, considering you were asking for help on the hair i think you have done an amazing job :slight_smile: really like your model are you using SSS with her atm?

You won’t like this – the paint/texture of the first (painted) is best, but the shape of the other works best with her face, imo. Also I like the slightly darker tone, but that pair looks pasted on.

Actually, I appreciate your opinion. I also agree. I was working on another version of just what you suggested.
I think this may still be a little thick on the outer ends but I think this is getting there.

Yes I am using SSS.
I can’t claim credit though. It’s basically from Ben Simonds

Here is my layout if it’s of any interest.

Agreed! The shape looks great. Could maybe use a few darker strands in the strokes, though, they come off kinda flat compared to the hair.

I think this does it.
I added a few strands of darker browns.


Big thumbs up – she’s lookin’ good!

I dont blame you :slight_smile: i worked off the same tutorial lol i havent seen anyone else explain it better. Really nice work :slight_smile: look forward to seeing the progress :slight_smile: