Need help with primitives

So I’ve learned how the mesh primitives work, and I get the idea of how the lamps work, but I’m having a hard time figuring out how all the ‘curve’ & ‘other’ primitives work. The tutorial videos I watched didn’t explain those.

So I was wondering if anyone knows of any tutorial videos that talks about the ‘curve’ & ‘other’ primitives.

Less important, I’m assuming that since there are multiple lamps to chose from, anyone know if there is a video that explains how they each work?

Thank you!

Well, “curves” are…curves, they work the same since the beginning of 3D, I guess.
They are more or less “generic”, so you can even watch tutorials made to other 3D programs, or even “paint” software, like The Gimp.
Anyway the Blender Wiki/Manual its a good resource:

Same for Lamps, and I’m quite sure that there’s many tutorials out there on the web?

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Here is a very informative course…All video are short with clear explanation.