Need Help With Project

Greetings Everyone,

I am new to so this explains the lack of posts for starters. However, I have been in the irc community on freenode for many years now. Over the past few years, I have been working on a game engine: but now rageComm has come to a point where its impossible to present the engine without a group of artists. I am desperately looking for artists to help take this game engine and attempt to form a game company. In order to do so I must find a group of artists to help create the desired 3d content to make the flagship product, Tiamet Theoem Online. Many people may or may not have heard of the project, as it has had its ups and downs. We have made many previous attempts to make the game using premade engines like CrystalSpace, Ogre3D and even Irrlicht. Many had there strengths and weaknesses, thus is why RageComm made I-Core. Now the target game genre is MMORPG/RTS/SIM, and many are probably saying “Oh great, yet another MMO”. Well, we have a plan that actually makes it stand apart from other games. The concept is to cross Risk, The Sims, and Ultima Online style gameplay in a modern graphic 3d game. In order to do this, we need artists to create the gameplay content for the characters, equipment, and building components. I can go into more details as required.

Hey that’s awesome concept you have going. But please do provide more information - your Website link shows great graphics BTW. How long does it take for a frame to render like that ?

That looks promising! A lot of nice features.
is full shader support only for Nvidia? Because it uses CgFX?

full shader support for the latest GPUs via CgFX 1.4

Since it is a game engine it all real time, so minimum rendertime per frame is 1/20 of a second. ;-p

Everything is around 75 FPS on a geforce 6/X1300 ATI. Min REQ is shader model 3 hardware. The game we want to make with the game engine is basicly Sims style construction, with risk style territory control, all based around capture the Territory. Each territory when owned allows the guild that controls that territory to build in it. All things that can be built, can also be destroyed. We use the same foliage engine as Oblivion, so the game will have lush foliage scenery. Ideally we need about 10 artists with about 100 hrs work per artist to make this reach a marketable state properly. The engine is a MMORPGMAKER, so creating gameplay is reletively easy. The engine can hit about 200 million verts a second before we start seeing the framrate drop below 75 fps. The shader support is for all cards that are shader model 3 and up, not just Nvidia.

dont tell me that includes the server crashes! j/k… :wink: checking the homepage out right now… :slight_smile:

edit: feature wise looks very impressive, and im sure it will get even better. :slight_smile:

Its only version 0.1.5 of the engine, so yes it will get way better. As for servers, right now we have 7 dual cpu , dual core, 3.2 ghz xeons running 36 GB ram each as a mosix cluster.

Anyways, we ideally need the following artists:
Concept Artist #1
Concept Artist #2
Concept Artist #3
Concept Artist #4
Character Modeler: Felix_Kütt
Character Rigger: Walugo
Character Movement Animator: Dreammaster
Character Acrobatic Animator
Character Weapon Combat Animator
Character Martial Combat Animator
Creature Modeler #1:
Creature Modeler #2
Creature Rigger
Creature Animator #1
Creature Animator #2
Creature Animator #3
Creature Animator #4
Building Construction Modeler #1: _LsBlend
Building Construction Modeler #2
Building Construction Modeler #3
Building Construction Modeler #4

As people apply and fill these positiuons, I will edit this post putting their BA Forum name next to the position. I will be away till sunday, so if I can get you all to post portfolio links if your interested then I will begin contacting in person sunday night.

hmmh… basically i could fill the character modeler spot, but(theres all-ways a but… darn-it :() time is restricted here, but wouldn’t mind pitching in a little non the less :slight_smile:

Hello,this is a really good game engine. :slight_smile:
This engine open source and you planned to integrating this engine more closely to blender via this API?
If yes, im sure you will find some blender artist more easily to willing to help this project.

Nearly everything I see listed in that feature list comes from NVSG, PhysX and SpeedTree. All of them are closed source, as far as I know.

Just a silly question: how do you know you’ll need 4 persons for each task?

I have experienced working with artists before and know what I need. As for open source, this is a inhouse engine.

Like Felix_Kutt I can pitch in a little & time is limited . . . but if you can send a sketch of a creature . . . perhaps I can try to model it. Obviously I am applying for the Modeller #2 (-; role.

Our primary need right now is a character modeler., so does anyone here do character modeling?

i said i do… -__-

ok, Felix joined but I still require alot more people. Is anyone else here interested?

well this project so far seems to be more organized than many i have had the displeasure to take part in so i was wondering when the building construction modeler job would be available for me to start on or if you want i was wondering if you had any creature concepts that i could try my hand at modeling

thank you, I am trying my best to try and keep a good project.

this project seems really interesting.

I’d like to do concept art.
Here’s a link to my portfolio:

id maybe like to work on buildings / props
what style are u after?

its Fantasy but in a sims style construction system