need Help with propietis and messages

Ok,so i have an object that when touched,it’s removed from the scene and sends a random value between 1 and 4,then i have 4 emptys wich recieve the value and if the value coresponds with the required number for the empty it will spawn the triggering object at it’s location,you get the idea.I think i’m doing something wrong because it doesn’t really work,is there any tutorial that could help me on this?Or can you give me an example of how to set up actuators to do this?

A number of things can go wrong here. First, what order are the actuators in? Does end object come before the message? If so, the message isn’t being sent at all, because the object is already ended. Next, are you trying to add the same object that was ended? You can only add objects that are on inactive layers. I don’t know if instantAddObject works if its already ended. I would assume not. You could either have a duplicate object on another layer, only have the one on the inactive layer and spawn it when you start the game, or simply change its position instead of ending it and re-adding it.

i’m not dumb,the end comes after the mesage,i just want a way do do this,ok i’ll give a concrete example of what i want,i have an apple,and 4 emptys,when the player touches the apple,the apple generates a random number 1-4 to set a spawn point,then get’s deleted,then when an empty recieves it’s coresponding number it spawns an apple

…and you would need another apple on a different layer for that to work. Or you could change the position. I’m repeating myself. Read my first post.

ok so i changed to use a moving empty,still i have a problem,the apple is suposed to send a msessage to the empty,i’m still figuring out how do do it,and the apple was in unused layer all the time