Need Help With Python

When I first installed python, it didn’t work, so I uninstalled python and blender, then reinstalled them, for about 3 months python scriptos would work and every thing! And now I can’t type any scripts in the type box on python script controllers! Does any one know how to fix this? Do I have to uninstall blender again?

You “can’t type any scripts int he type box on controllers”? Does it just disappear when you put it in there?

Did you:
Make sure that you’re typing in EXACTLY (Case sensitive!) what the script is called?
Is the script inside of Blender (in the Blender text editor can you open those files?)


I finally got a script to work, but it wasn’t so easy, I changed the script to a .txt file, the I copy and pasted it into the scripting page of blender, then I went down to where it said the file was .txt and I changed it to a .py. Then I saved the file in three different files. I enetered the name into the box and it dissapeared so I typed the script name then put .py and it finaly worked.

Thanks Sambassador for the help.