Need help with railing for stairs

I made this horizontal railing in blender… but is there any way to align it to the incline of the stairs? It would take quite a while in edit mode, so I was wondering if there is an easier way.


You could try using the Shear (Shift+Ctrl+Alt+S) feature in Edit mode.

As a furniture maker, and one who has general knowledge of carpentry, I will tell you that the geometry of the stair parts change, on the stairs as opposed to on level parts. It’s tricky, but you’ll have to bevel the tops of the balusters, while keeping the bottoms flat, to sit on the stairs. Shear would …shear everything, including the bottoms of the parts, which have to be flat. Just model 1 section, then duplicate it. Good luck!

Use a curve modifier maybe? (Might not work for what you need?)
Have the railing follow a curve that matches your stairs.

In order to create the curve that will match you stairs, create a duplicate of one of the edges that goes all the way to the bottom on your stairs, then make the duplicate a separate object
( press: > p > separate selection, you must have your edge selected) then hop back to object mode and select your separated edge and press: alt-C > curve from mesh

If this is too vague or badly worded (:rolleyes:) just upload the model file and I will do what I just said above.(If I don’t get too busy:eek:)

Thanks for the help guys. 3dmedieval, I did as you said and modeled it as a chunk that I copied a couple of times. It was a bit more time consuming, and although not perfect, it works.

JSM, I tried using a curve modifier, but it did not do what I needed it to do because the problem was that the railing balusters would also be modified by the curve (become perpendicular to where the railing is supposed to go), instead of staying in a vertical position.

Nasko - Glad to be of help. One issue I see now is that you’ve got a foot on the baluster in the upper right, but no feet on the others. They would all be the same.

Your welcome,

Yeah I had feeling it wouldn’t work, I’ve used this method for railing before and it doesn’t always work-sometimes you just have to do the more time consuming method (which equals more time using blender :evilgrin:).