Need help with remeshing guitar body correctly (unless you have ideas other than remeshing)

so basically I’m trying to remesh this model shown in wireframe in this screenshot

it has good topology so normally I wouldn’t remesh it. However, this’s supposed to be a Gibson Les Paul guitar, and like you see in the following picture, its upper face isn’t perfectly straight, it’s curved; it’s elevated a bit.

The plan I have in mind is that by remeshing it, then I’d be able to slight the center of the upper face upwards with proportional editing enabled, resulting in a curve.
the problem is, I need this to be as realistic as possible and normal remeshing just isn’t going to achieve that, so I’m looking for a way which would keep the delicate bevels and all of the other details AND achieve the high-poly surface I’m looking for.
if you guys have any other ideas to achieve this curve without remeshing it’d be amazing cuz would save me so much time.

should you want to experiment with the model yourself, this’s a download link:

Thanks in advance!!

I would just delete the upper poly (youhave to repair a liile) make a new center line ans some insets…


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well that is one clever approach to it, except that it won’t work exactly as intended; you see, if you’d look more pics of the Gibson Les Paul electric guitar, you’ll see the exact shape of this curve and you’ll know that the whole upper poly needs to be a part of the curve, not just one half of it.
here’s an example:

notice the whole upper poly curves

It was a suggestion about the how… i have no reference because i build no guitars (yet…) Of course it is a good approach to follow the topology. Of course if someone has a(ny) guitar you just have to look at it… :guitar:

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Took a shot at it.
Guitar.blend (1.5 MB)

Not familiar with guitars unfortunately.


@GrimZA, Nice!!
@Fadi, What GrimZA did looks great, but I already started my take on the puzzle, so here’s my file as well.

In summery, what you want to do with shapes like these is to poly-model them using SubDivision approach. Least amount of verts to hold the form you want.
That is a very different approach to CAD or Solid (which you have used). Time to learn poly-modeling :slight_smile:

Gibson LesPaul.blend (229.0 KB)


Hey @GrimZA and @0rAngE, congrats, both are indeed nice work.

I have an Epiphone Les Paul, it is shapewise (almost) identical to Gibsons model. Just took it off the wall and had a closer look at the body and for final shaping I think,0rAngE your topology might fit very well here.

The curve on top of the body is not like a dome.

On the lower part of the body its like a gaussian curve in profile and towards the edges its flat in all directions there, while the area towards the neck has an almost domelike and flatter falloff.

Roughly like this:
les paul



I won’t make the whole guitar though!
What we did here is to show what approach you could use to model this. And how to set up your file (modifiers). Take one of our files and start editing.

What I would advise actually is to make your own model from scratch using our files as a guide/reference. Best way to learn is doing it yourself!

Good luck with your poly/modeling adventure, you picked a winner to learn it - blender.
Have patience and enjoy the ride! You have BA to ask for guidance and help.


Yes sure, I know, its just not my adventure, it the one of @Fadi. I wont make this model either. :wink: Its very helpful what you both did here. After I read this thread, I had took a short look to check its shape out of curiosity, I thought its worth a comment at least for @Fadi.


Sorry for the mix-up!
I replied on a tablet, I’m not as comfortable as on a proper PC.
Thanks on the comments :blush:

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I have a guitar, except it’s a classical guitar aaand it doesn’t have this curve. It’s moot to my case.

Holy moly! that’s really good actually!! with some modifications this could work! I haven’t thought of the subsurf modifier until now actually.
Thank you so very much!! <3 <3 <3

in your approach I actually Loved the texture more than the Geometry itself, so thanks for that as well!!
as for the Geometry, it’s perfect!!! I love it! thank you very much!!

@0rAngE @GrimZA if I could mark more than one solution I’d mark your comments as well

This drawing is extremely valuable information; I couldn’t find a blueprint for this curve anywhere! so I’m really thankful for that. Along with the methods that the guys above gave me I’d be able to achieve this curve, so thank you all very much! your responses are heartwarming indeed <3 <3


oh I already made the whole guitar myself along with every small detail, I was going to let this curve detail pass but later when I was modeling the strings I realized that it cannot be ignored sooo here I am, and thanks to you guys I am now able to achieve it. <3 <3

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No worries, i actually learned a bit from @0rAngE file on how to better my own topology.

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