need help with render-renji abarai-bleach

this is my first attempt to model on blender. i have learned a little from clips on youtube and other places but still learning…i want to model one of my favorite characters from bleach and his sword but im kind of stuck finding a good picture of both i was wondering if somebody on here could help me out with it :smiley:

Front Pics




thanks man… i have some of those. i guess the hard part in making the model is that the pictures dont really correspond with each other. oh and here is the sword i so far


Yeah, thats the problem with making an anime character.
So your just going to have to settle, and improvise.
If you do a search many people have done anime models.
And for the sword, animating it.
Have you looked into arrays? is that how you made it.
Cause you could grow a bone, to mimic the thing growing.
Does it grow in the anime or just extend?

it extends in the anime. i dont really understand the array but it looks like it would work. i think im going to give it a try with the bones and see if i can get it to work…so is there a way to copy a segment and paste it so i dont have to keep rendering new ones over and over?