Need help with resetting Units

Ahh i think i messed things up when i thought i had to make my whole scene bigger to export to 3ds max as planned. now i have to do it in blender. But the thing is… when ever i created a new cube in the workspace, i get a cube of a length of 206m… i was shocked and really despereate to find an answer for this. Any help?:o

Thanks alot

is this happening with all blends or just the one you tried to export?

only in the one that i tried to export. because when i tried to add a light into the scene the windows are well above 100m :open_mouth:

i think the problem is when i scale the objects down while having “x” mount of length in object mode, it stays the same.

for example, if i had a cube’s length around 2m in edit mode; if i go back to object mode and scale it up and look inside the length of the object it stays the same as 2m. is this a bug in blender? i just dont get it.

Probably related to your problem, it should not be a bug, but something specific to how Blender work in each of its modes :
When you do some scaling or rotating transformation in Object mode to a model, you’ll need to apply those transformations by pressing CTRL+A and selecting “Rotation&Scale” (or in the bottom click on Object -> Apply -> Rotation&Scale)

In Edit mode you don’t need to do that.