Need help with resolution change and anti aliasing


I actually have three questions and decided to post all of them at once.

I’m running my game with blenderplayer which then reads separate .blend file.
(This is because of GPL licensing)
So first question is how can I lock my .blend file so it can’t be opened with blender but blenderplayer can still read it?
setup in blenderplayer is this:

second question:
I’m having problem when using smaller resolution than Native(1366x768)
I’m changing resolution with this script:

import bge


It actually uses right resolution but big black areas appear.(it keeps fulls creen mode)
example with 800x600:

So how to make it stretch to Full screen?:confused:
I thought it can be done in render-> Display-> framing-> and setting it to scale
But it does this:
which is even worse.:mad:

and last, how can you change anti-aliasing(off, 2x, 4x, 8x,16x) in-game?
some script maybe?
I’m total beginner with python so finished and working script would be nice.:smiley:

As far as I know you can’t change between windowed and full screen mode in-game?

really need help with this!

I’ll check out bpplayer
Feeling quite stupid with second question, didn’t realize 800x600 isn’t 16:9:o
And third, that was exactly the line I was looking for!