Need help with retop

If the way to remove the backface of the object is so distracting when retopping?

What :question: The backface is clearly recognisable… why remove?? You don’t want them??

I agree, it’s very distracting. One solution is to turn off “in front” from the viewport display properties (in object properties). Though you might need to turn up the shrinkwrap offset to avoid the camera facing polygons sinking into the mesh. Would love to hear if somebody has a more elegant solution!

Screenshot 2022-02-18 080104

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I generally use the shrinkwrap with above surface with very low distance ( 0.002 ~ ) and it works perfectly for me


The thing is interesting but it’s not that, it just removes polygons that I don’t see at the moment but doesn’t remove backface completely plus on version 3.0 it gives an error I would like it to work like zbrush when you can turn it on and off sided surface

What i usally do is selecting the polys i dont want to see and press h to hide them in edit mode and then alt H to reveal it again.

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