Need Help with Rig and Model!

So i am very new to blender i have had the program for about a week and i am trying to rig this Halo 3 spartan model and I am so close but I have one small problem, or at least i think it’s small.

I tried parenting the mesh and the armature and i went to create from bone heat and i got his error message.

When my model is untouched it looks like this…

And when i try to do a simple movement of the arm my mesh deforms and looks like this…

Any help would be appreciated.

In your last image it looks like when you selected “Automatic Bone Heat” it selected part of the leg too since it was so close to the arm. I would move the arms in the “T” position, then try bone heat again or use weight paint and paint the bone heat by hand.

Also, if you’ve only been using Blender 1 week then I am confused as to why you would start with 2.49 as it will not be supported. I would learn 2.5 if I were you. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Blender 2.5 is still in the testing phase. I wouldn’t recommend someone starting out to start with it. Yes, they will have to relearn the GUI later, but as it is incomplete and unstable, it can be frustrating enough for an experienced user.

Would you try to teach someone to drive on a car with dodgy brakes? :slight_smile:


Thank you the T postition worked perfect, and i have been switching on and off between 2.49 and 2.5 but there were just a lot more tuts for 2.49 i found, so i started with that.