Need help with rigging for UDK

I have been searching information about rigging models in Blender to have it UDK-ready. From what I gathered, UDK is retarded to no end when it comes to skeletal models.

Currently we use Darkplaces engine and Doom 3 MD5 model format (which gets converted to engine’s format, but that’s beyond the point). I don’t need to do any voodoo magic to rig a character in this case. Just normal way of rigging with IK chains and controls does well.

Judging by this article I can’t have IK targets as extra bones.

Here is simplest setup of the character’s rig for UDK:

Yes, I can move limbs and such, but it’s a joke. I have no control over rotations of the limbs and head, etc. I can’t do animation with that.

Does anyone know how to make good rig with good controls over bones, following UDK specs, so I can animate a character properly?

We could potentially pay for such rig and potentially release it under CC license.

Thank you.

I haven’t looked at your rig but I was wondering if you have thought about or tried making your entire UDK rig a child of a control rig? That way you can have all of the magical (or not) animation controls that you need and the animation is transferred to the UDK rig through simple copy location and rotation constraints.

Apparently the information in that article is wrong. I dug out my old character rig and I exported it just fine, with all the controls and IK chains.

Thank you for TorQ, I think I figured things out :slight_smile: