Need Help With Rigging Gun With Arm

(Der_Panzerbar) #1

Hi guys i need help that how do i actually rig my hand to the gun because i had seen a lot of tutorial on youtube but it doesn’t help me out , i hope that somebody could tell me steps by steps as i’m a student and currently learning how to use blender . Thank You Very Much !

(jellymeyer) #2

i’m going to assume that the gun is going to stay still and won’t be moving at all, what you’ll want to do is add an IK constraint (shift i with the two bones you want selected)to each arm, this way your not having to move every bone individually. Then your going to want to use the child of constraint, there’s a box for the target object so you’ll want to place youir gun in there. At first this will seem like everything’s been thrown off but once you add the target just say set inverse and everything will go back to normal.

your character arms at this point will follow the gun around. If any of that was a bit confusing just ask and I’ll make a video demo

(Der_Panzerbar) #3

Hi , thanks for telling me these stuff but it’s kind of confusing for me to understand , would u mind helping me out with a video demo ??? i already subbed u on youtube channel with my gmail [email protected] . Thank you very much !

(Der_Panzerbar) #4

Hey guys i need help with my gun and my hand , it’s quite hard for it cause it’s our school project and im kind of stuck ! i want the hand to be rigged along with gun so that it looks you are actually holding a gun , Thanks ! sorry for my english btw !

Here’s the link if u could help me out !
Arctical Rigged Arm.blend (12.4 MB)

(DanPro) #5

Take a look at this tutorial.

Just add a bone for the gun and and any other bones needed to control the moving parts of the gun, then parent the gun and parts to the appropriate bones. The parent switches will make the hands follow the gun and can be turned on/off whenever the hands need to be free to move independently.

Good luck!