Need help with rigging

my rig is bending strangely
i think i assigned the vertex groups wrong:

i don’t mean to bump, but i really want to fix my rig

Well, I see what you’re talking about. I didn’t bother to test this fix, but you left most of your IK target bones as “Skinnable.” That’s problem #1. Second, you forgot a vertex in the mesh’s stomach (Problem #2). You have some of your NULL bones set to “IK” (Problem #3). I think, as a rule of thumb, bones that are unskinnable probably shouldn’t have “IK” set on them (you’d use them as some kind of constraint). I also don’t agree with the way you did the hand (how do you plan on moving the whole hand at a wrist joint?) but that’s a matter of opinion, I guess. Fix those, and it should bend correctly (i.e. without leaving the arms and legs). However, if that doesn’t fix it, then I would suggest altering the abdomen/chest bone setup. I don’t think you have enough bones. Actually, you need at least one more; that’s the problem. You can keep the arms parented to the “body” bone, but that can’t be the base bone. You need something before that for the legs to attach to. So, I’d delete “body” and “head” bones, make a new chain with at least 3 bones in it for the body, parent the arms to the second bone and the legs to the first bone, press “CTRL+N” to re-calc the roll-angles, and then re-parent the mesh to the armature (note: now you have to put the vertices in their respective groups again).