Need help with rigging

Hi everyone,

I’m quite new at rigging and I made a simple base puppet (just to test movements). I tried parenting the bones to the mesh, but I don’t get them attached. So, the bones can move, but the mesh won’t move with them.
I’ve attached the file down below.

I’m not sure what I’ve done wrong and I’d really appreciate any help!

knightpuppet2 armature.blend (1.02 MB)

Edited: new attachment ( I had accidentally uploaded a wrong file)

I can’t seem to find an armature in the file you posted.

If you don’t really want to learn how to build a rig—

For humanoid models like the one you have, I recommend learning about Blenders pre-built rig, “rigify”. Just do a search and you should find a few on youtube.

If you want to learn how to make a rig—

There are many vids on youtube and this site that will teach you in that respect. If your looking for official training, look for “Humane Rigging”. It’s released under CC so it should be able to find it on youtube as well if you don’t want/can’t afford to buy it.

Hi Arkinum,
Thank you for your answer… I accidentally uploaded a wrong file, I really want to learn how to build a rig…
Please see attachment below:

knightpuppet2 armature.blend (1.02 MB)

You need to add an armature modifier to the mesh and select the armature as the target.


There are a few more things you need to do to get your example character to deform correctly.

First of all you need to add more loops to the arms and legs so that they can deform, you need to weight the character as well.

Luckily, there is a feature that will automatically assign an armature modifier and weight it for you.

If you select the mesh and then shift select the armature and press Ctrl P you will get a options, choose “Armature Deform - with automatic weights” this will then add the armature deformer and assign automatic weights.


Thank you very much MCHammond, really appreciate it!

hey…so i Ctrl+p the mesh to the armature, select "Armature-deform-with automatic- weights. And the mesh does deform the character, but when i start the game engine, its as if the mesh doesnt get deformed at all.