Need help with rope colliding with object (animated)

Hello everyone.
I’m in the need of some assistance.

I’m doing an animation with a rope hanging outside of a door to a flying object.
The rope needs to have these properties:
1: Textured.
2: To swing with the motion of the moving door while hanging down from it (physics and collision).
3: I must have the ability to pin it somehow. The rope will later fall off.

Now down to business. My knowledge with Blender’s physics properties isn’t that great so I followed some tutorials and this one has given me the best result so far:

Rope mesh with a string of vertices with a cloth simulation with empty objects.

Now to the problem, I can’t get the rope to collide with any other objects. It goes right through like it’s not there. I’ve tried to set collision and rigid body active/passive but I can’t get it to work. It’s supposed to hang off the edge of the door.
If someone could explain to me what I’m missing, that would be great. Or perhaps offer me a better setup in general.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

P:S Here is the blend project with the current setup (21.3MB)

Cloth collision won’t work on strings. You need to use softbody for that. Otherwise your setup should work.

Of course the armature method is messy, but I see the problem, and don’t know a proven superior solution, either (hook modifiers might also work, but I didn’t really test it). When running softbody on a curve object (which otherwise would be perfect) you cannot pin vertices. And when using a mesh of a string of vertices you cannot use curve deform on the cylinder, and the skin modifier gives you no UV for texturing.

Additional notes:

  • rigid body should not be needed for this sim
  • your door mesh is not manifold, which should be fixed before sim, a problems with collisions are likely

I gave the string some geometry. Extruded on the X and Z axis just a tiny bit, now the rope does collide with the edge of the ramp. However, after a while the rope starts to phase into the door like it did before. Now at least there is a collision, and it hangs over the edge as intended but it doesn’t stay that way. It’s a step in the right direction, close but not enough unfortunately.

I also fixed some of the door’s geometry but as far as I can tell, it doesn’t make any difference.
The soft body so far gives really weird results, the ropes flies all over the place, even with the door removed from the scene.

EDIT: I think I got it! After giving the string some geometry, I can now pin the cloth to the vertices in the cloth panel. Now the rope collides with the door, hangs over the edge and stays that way.
Some minor tweaking and it will be perfect.

EDIT 2: Now I have the problem to have the ropes fall off the door. With the pin removed, the string and empty objects glide along the door and later fall off which is the effect I’m looking for. However, the rope is kept in place by the rig which is not affected by physics. I’ve tried to manually move the rig/bones but it does not give a desired result.
As soon as the rope can fall off in a realistic manner, then there will be no additional obstacles to prevent me from finishing up this project.