Need help with rotation animation of coin. Final Animation is really short

First I would like to say that I am new to blender so please don’t be too harsh if I don’t know something or do something wrong. Thats why I am on here to learn and ask questions from people better than me.

My problem is that when I view my animation, it’s very short. Like 1 second long. I don’t know whats wrong. I have 80 frames total of my object spinning and when it’s rendering, each frame shows that it’s spinning in each frame. But, when I view the video of the final product, its only one second long and it doesn’t rotate.

I will post pictures of the render setting I have. Could it be something in my render setting, or something else thats not show the full animation? If you need any other pictures just let me know and I will upload them.

Check you have nothing in the video sequencer. In Render / Post Processing panel disable ‘Sequencer’ option
Supply a link to your blend file for review