Need help with saving my blender game and running it outside of blender

As the title suggests I have a game and I don’t know how to … I don’t really know the word for it… run it in something else besides blender like putting it up on my site.
Thanks :slight_smile:

  1. Change the thread title to “How to make an executable / web version of my game”
  2. You can either save as runtime, or use Burster web plugin to play the games.
  • Save as Runtime:
    Save as runtime will produce a runtime on the system that you’re using, e.g .app for mac, .exe for windows. I’m not sure about the other OS’s (Linux).
    This is subject to GPL, meaning that if someone asks for the source, you have to give it to them. If you just distributed the blend source, and made the public download blenderplayer, then you wouldn’t be subject to releasing the source code - though you’d need to somehow protect the blend.

  • Burster Plugin:
    Burster Web Plugin can play blend files that you create in the client’s web browser, provided that they download the plugin. It can’t import many python modules, so if you want to use socket, or other modules, you may have issues.

Thanks man :slight_smile: