Need help with setting up nodes in cycles to match my company's paint surface

Hello blender world :slight_smile:
I’m trying to achieve a certain surface displacement with nodes in cycles to match my companies paint surface. We powder coat and bake our paint and this gives a nice glossy and reflective surface. But it also gives the painted surface a noticeable bumpy displacement, they are big enough to see when you are about 10-15’ from the machine. The render will be used as marketing material so I would like to replicate the look as much as possible.

I’ve had some luck with a technique similar to what Mr. Price uses on his table surface in his “Rendering with Cycles” tut. Basically I used an image that roughly contained a pattern similar to the surface displacement of our paint and the results are ok, but not what I would like. My issue is, the best image I could find had the pattern running slightly vertical. I need a pattern for my displacement that’s completely even or in that it doesn’t have a circular, horizontal or vertical pattern.

I found if the texture has even the slightest of these patterns displacement doesn’t look nice on edges and is glaringly obvious on surfaces that run in a different direction then that of the neighboring surface. I think I could fix this by unwrapping the UV and matching the UV to the pattern on the texture but the machine I’m rendering a lot of objects and they are obj imports so their mesh is not exactly dreamy to work with.

The attached images are of our two primary colors, white and grey and in the reflections you can see the surface displacement I’m talking about.

Would someone be willing to provide me with instructions or a quick tut for a node setups that can replicate the surface displacement and reflection of my screenshots? :eyebrowlift:

Saweet! that is what I was looking for and more! And now I gots gold and silver too!! Thanks a million Ricky!!

And, yes the bumps are pretty small but when looking at the machine from 15’ with the naked eye one can clearly see the surface isn’t glass smooth. Hmm, maybe that’s just it. I’m going to create something that will be viewed via a picture, and in pictures you can’t necessarily see fine surface detail that clearly on something that is 15’ from the camera.

But I will need to do some closeup renders and there are some textures in your precious metal blends that I think will be perfect! Thank you, although now I feel kind of silly for not having seen your thread in my search before posting this.

To make that texture try and find an Orange Peel normal map. technically thats what thats called, Orange Peel.

to make such high glossy and reflections too
you will need a good HDRI map for the world

show us what you get

happy cycles

can you tell how the lamps are organise above this if you know it!
like rows in X or Y to give such elongated reflections on the tube?


here is a beginning to do it but might need some work
is this a 2 layers material ?
like top face are totaly flat uniform and inside there is another face with bumps?

see file here
cylinderblossy1.blend (168 KB)

texture bumps is not yet very good here still needs some work


Thanks for node info. I finished modeling and rigging on the model and went back to the materials and here is what I ended up with. I’m pretty happy with the results.

looking good
not much bumps in texture but nice reflections
did you use an HDRI map for reflections


No, just a three point light setup. And the bumps are only really visible in the reflections which is actually pretty close to how our powdered coated surface looks.

are you satisfied with it or want to improve it ?

are you planning to do other models?

happy blendering

I’m satisfied with it. I will perhaps play around with some HDRI maps on the final render, if I can find some good HDRI maps that is. I’m rendering the full machine in 4x4K resolution with 4K samples tonight. I’ll post it tomorrow.

if pic is more then 1 MB i think you cannot upload it here!
you’ll have to find another site and give the link

here some sites for HDRI

Pack of free HDRI

or coyld use a procedural texture to do it in world setting

happy cycles

Sweet, thanks for the HDRI links. As for the picture upload I’ll upload it to tumblr or someplace and just link.

Silly question: If I use the Insert Image>From URL and the URL link is from a private folder like on SkyDrive or Google Drive, it won’t work, correct? Or does it upload the image onto this form or something?

not certain i did not use the URL function
just added in post the link itself to MSN skydrive as public shared!

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you could sent a mesage and ask question there for this feature
a moderator might help you with this !

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