Need help with simple blender task

Hi all!

I would like to take the template that is seen at 0:35 in this video:

I would then like to replace the two text with two identical images instead and then export this into a video.
I’ve spent a few hours researching this, but can’t seem to get how I would do this.

Anyone that can either describe how I can do this or perhaps even do quick job for me since this seems like a easy job for the ones clever enough to know how to do it.

Simple method
Add a plane, add the image texture to the plane (Images as Planes addon)
Go to a frame where you can see both Text objects facing you
Move the textured plane to where the text is
Parent the plane to the text object (Select plane, shift select the text and Ctrl+P)
Repeat for another plane with second texture
In outliner turn off the visibility and renderability of the text objects (camera and eye icon)

Okay, so I can get to the point where I have a plane with the image on, although it’s not they way I want it. I’m trying to add a logo and right now it’s a rectangle with the logo in the middle. I want it to be flush.
And also it just sits there in one place, I can’t get it to follow the text.

If someone can do it for me I’m willing to pay for it.

Post your blend file - we will look at it.

Cheers, Clock.