need help with small thing

how do i make the part in the red circle for some reason i cant do this it looks easy but i cant do it at all

It depends on what your mesh looks like right now, so we can see how to proceed.

theres nothing. i just want to know how to do that part right in the circle like that dip or whatever

Well, just like with any other gun, you just the best of the boolean modifiers and operations. Trust me when I say this, it’s the only way to model guns. .blend file

ah sweet thanks a lot man!

anyone know a way to do this without boolean

Yes. Take a cylinder and select the edges of one end, then use the Inset tool to create an inset of edges on that end. Extrude the inset edges to create the smaller shaft of the gun.

I think I misunderstood the problem. You need to post your blend file, or at least show us what your mesh looks like.

i dont got a blend file man im just trying to figure this small part out im not trying to make a gun at this point so i dont have anything to post. im just here asking how i do the part he did without boleen. one guy gave me a thing for boleen and it helped but id like to figure out how to do it without boolean. because im not trying to make this weapon for fun i want to get better at modeling

i can send a blend but its just a cube with 4 edge loops in it and raised a bit. the blend file medium shared is what im doing

i think for now ill just stick to mediums way instead of bashing my skull into the ground forever. if anyone has any tips for tricks like this let me know i always like hearing it. its just nice knowing how to model stuff without using booleen because i feel like im not truly improving

Ehmm, sticking to my way would be the best case scenario since non-destructive modeling is the way to go. I could show you how this is done without using booleans but that would be a waste of time.

ok i thank you for your help but yes i do wish to know badly.

Going from the reference image posted alone, I would probably build it similar to this as a starting point:

gun.blend (521 KB)

woooooooooow ok i can just select the edge like that and bevel it and get the effect. didnt think of trying that at all. ok you are my savior medium thanks a lot for help and everyone else who posted. kurtis ill check out your blend too

If it’s not too late, I’ve some old Blender practice stuff I did a while back very close to this topic: “cutting” smooth shapes out sharp edges. No boolean for any of them; as far as I remember, I used loop cuts, bevel and knife tools. All the shapes in the picture are in the attached blend file, each on its own layer.

Tongue selection.blend (655 KB)