Need Help With Smoke Settings

(jmarkt) #1

What setting/settings within the Domain or Emitter controls will cause smoke to start small, then progressively become greater? I’m trying to simulate smoke from a chimney that is slowly trailing off, and can’t quite get there!

In advance, I appreciate all help!

(burnin) #2


Merely a simple advice:
Keep your stuff together, better organize self first… learn from the past. Step by step.
Then you might start achieving something.


(jmarkt) #3

Thanks for all the self-help advice; however, do you have any advice for using Blender Quick Smoke versus Particles? Just half the time it took you to research post history would, no doubt, have provided you sufficient time to make a more meaningful response? Your sarcasm added nothing to the Blender Artist website other than, perhaps, discouraging others from asking those "dumb questions.

(Jason van Gumster) #4

The issue isn’t one of dumb questions. It’s more about asking the same basic question three separate times. I’m going to close this thread and suggest that you continue discussion in the other ones that you’ve already created.

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