need help with smoothing out animation


This is for a friends web site. I need to have the animation running smoother while reducing the overall file size. I have tired various settings but this is the result so far. It was designed and rendered in Blender then converted to a animated gif. The current file size is around 500k

Here’s a link

This is quite a bit smaller.

hope that helps!

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Phrangkk ,

How did you reduce the size?


Adobe Image Ready
It installs with photoshop 7.
Great for optimization.
I changed it to just 64 colors.

There’s a shareware program called gif construction set professional that does a good job at optimization, but I’d like to make a suggestion about the image. Select the text from top view, and in edit mode, press Ckey>>Convert to curve>>C again>>Convert to mesh. then place your cursor in the middle of the globe and hit shift W to warp it. Move your pointer up and down to adjust it to the correct degree. Now your text wraps around the sphere! Hooray! That is a REALLY nice globe btw.

I forgot I had that program, I’ll check it out.

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I have done that in the past but for some reason with Blender 2.28 I keep getting distorted text and I don’t know why. After conversion the text ends up with some large triangles that make the text look rocky. Have you run across this?