Need help with some testing. A Political Game (TRUMP VS HILLARY) ONLINE !!

So i started the project a couple of days ago. Thought i’d “spit a game out” real quick. The only thing is i kinda bit off more than i can chew. I cant move forward without a game tester. I need someone to help me test the online portion of the file. I work today at 4 get out at 10 central. I hope i can get someone to respond. Getting this game out before elections would be great.

I already have the online part working, i just adapted it to a server that way when i upload the file it will link up to it in order to match anyone up who joins.

the game takes place in the front of the White House. Trump and Hillary are giving their own rallies at separate sides of the level. Ur mission is to take out your opponent, and stop the corruption for good.

top down shooter.

msg me plz. add me on skype we would need me in quick contact. carlos limon aka cuervo1003