Need help with Star Wars style lasers.

Hi everybody, first post here.

I’m a Blender Noobie, with only 2 weeks experience and no previous 3D modeling/animating ability except for some Quake3 mapping for Star Trek Elite Force using Qradiant.
With the help of alot of tutorials,I’ve concentrated on learning animation by using paths and IPO’s.
I downloaded a few Meshes from Blender Wars and put together a scene one night (2 nights ago) . You can view it by clicking this only 900k
I’m sorry I havn’t included any credits for the Meshes I used or the Starmap,this is just a WIP… actually more of an experiment. Everything I’ve done this past 2 weeks has been an experiment.
So if you saw my animation, you can see it’s a recreation of EP IV’s Death Star Escape except the Ties are chasing allready rather than being sentry ships patrolling further out.
I’d like the next shot in my scene to show a Tie doing a straffing run along the Falcons roof.
Here’s my problem… since I only know how to do paths I came up with the idea of paranting a laser bolt that I created from a cylinder mesh to a path. I scaled the size at frame 1 to be 0 and it travels the path length in about 8 frames( 3 shots per second). making the path continuous means it fires non-stop and I don’t like that effect but anyway… So I can duplicate that path and parant both paths to the Tie and position them on the turrets.With the Tie on a path the laser paths keep their position through all turns and rotations and I can offset the second path by 4 frames so the lasers fire at 4 frames alternately. I also paranted a light to the laser bolt so it makes the front of the Tie glow as it fires and should light up the Falcon.
The Problems:
The main problem is the path that the Lasers follow. As the ship turns, the path goes with it and any lasers on it turn as well. They should go off in a straight line.
I need to know how to mark a point on the Ties Turrets where the bolts will appear and give them a Target to travel to. I probably dont need paths at all but as I said… that’s all I know. %|