Need Help with Tattoo design

Hi Beautiful Artists ^_^,

My name is Benny, and I am looking for someone to help me with my tattoo
design. I have drawn up a first draft concept, but unfortunately, my artistic
side is in fire play and my drawing skill isn’t the greatest, so I was wondering
if someone could help perfect my tattoo?

The concept is a black winged angel wielding a sword and a white winged
angel with a lance/halberd circling a yin yang. The Yin Yang will be placed
in the centre of my back with the black winged angel circling top with one
of the black wings wrapping up over my right shoulder. The white winged
angel will be cricling the bottom half with one white wing wrapping around
just at the top of my left hip. If you want to do some modifications of detail
please go right ahead, as I say its first draft and best I could really do myself,
I just wanted to have a proper concept. I’m after really good detail as it is
going to be full back and will be with me to cherish for the rest of my life :slight_smile:

If anyone can help me out I would really, really appreciate it! I may even be able
to sort out a bit of coin for the help with the final design. My email is [email protected]
Thank you heaps :slight_smile: to all you fantastic artists!

Much love,