Need Help with Text in Blender Tutorial

Im talking about this tutorial:

I tried now for hours to get it working but it simply doesnt.
I tried to find another tutorial but all i find is wrapping stuff around some cubes and no planes.

I am Right now this far:

Start a new Project, delete the box, create a plane

Splitting my window so i have the 3d window and the UV/Image Editor

In the 3D window i go to the “Texture Paint” Mode (there is no UV mode as i some tutorials shown)

Than i mouse over the UV/Image Editor window and press Tab(which does something i have no idea of but i leads to something). Now im in edit mode in the 3d window and i get 2 more buttons in the UV/Image editor window. i go to image and open the tga file.

Now i can go into shaded mode and i see the image on my plane.

From here on nothing works.

The tutorial says: i have to “map” the @ symbol. And there is was no way to do it. somehow the @ symbol is surroundet in the tutorial image but no matter what i tried it didnt work.

And the next step is as well beyond my knowledge. i dont have any face settings displayed here.

Damn tutorial, whats up with the time when tutorials were made for beginners? Isnt there a better (“easier”) way to create text in a game …

thx in advance

relax is only 3D! :slight_smile:
Start a new scene and add a plane!
In the 3D window select your plane, then enter “Edit mode”, and then “face mode”, select the face, press U key and choose “Reset” in the menu.
Now, in the “UV Editor” load the “bitmap font” image, select all vertices ( A key), scale down the selection ( S key) and place it above the “@” symbol ( G key).
In the “Texture Face” panel, enable “Text” and “Alpha” and disable “collision”.
Add a “String” property, name it “Name:Text” ( capital T) and write “hello” in the empty text field
Now, in the the 3D window you should have “hello” over your plane object…I hope?!

Thank you very much. I was thinking about eversything but not that “to map” = “to scale”.